Ikbal Lubys

Gaung Jagat is an alternative system to create a guided improvisation based musical composition based on improvised methods on loose systems and corridors in order to form a free composition. This system is a refinement of Raung Jagat, a system created earlier by Rully Shabara specifically for improvised vocals. The difference, the Gaung Jagat was created to apply to any instrument type, not just vocals. By using the composition system of Gaung Jagat, every player holds the power of interpretation so that if the player changes, even though the composition is the same, the result will always be different, according to the goal pursuing diversity and uniqueness, not uniformity and behavior.

This time, Gaung Jagat will be introduced for the first time on stage by involving a number of musicians who have attended his workshop. There will be two sessions in this concert: Gaung Jagat Ensembles and Gaung Jagat String Quintet, to show how far this system can be applied.