Ikbal Lubys

Displacement / Disappearance

Work by Ikbal Lubys, Emil Palme, Taus Breghojollessen

WYST invites two music artists from Copenhagen and one artist from Yogyakarta, that bring Displacement / Disappearance idea. This theme is inspired from the narration of people who are separated from their land or their dreams either by force or not. Through sound installations, the artists will collaborate and make a presentation about their process.

WYST is an open or musical sound lab, that tried to develop and enhance the artists ideas. The focus of this laboratory is not only about sounds, but also about vibrations, symbols, movements, personal narratives, social contexts, memories or anything that is stimulated by sound. Along the time, this laboratory also became inter/post disciplin forum, in the search for ideas, visions and art form that have never been imagined before. Each WYST presentation brings up an individual idea or question, which is then processed and presented in the stage of work-in-progress.