Ikbal Lubys

Cake Theatrical Productions presents:

One weekend of alternative artistic encounters by artists across disciplines bent on designing original work with a spirit of experimentation.

26.07.2018 Thurs – 28.07.2018 Sat / 7.30pm to Late

Running with Strippers initial inception began in 2011 as Decimal Points, a space for artists from a range of disciplines to make performances from the vantage point of their unique artistic perspective. This was our commitment to experimentation, to show alternative.

In 2015, we stripped our former studio bare to host the first iteration of Running with Strippers. Since then, Strippers has grown to embody the germination of ideas in arid spaces. Our meditations came into focus within the gaps. Dead spaces we saw as potential for fluid and divergent ways to meet minds and create. A space where art begets art. We saw a necessity to wrestle out of the ennui that threatens to cloud the creative space, that pushes risk, experimentation, defiance and stubbornness out of the picture, giving way to lethargy, fear and ease. Strippers has grown to become a resistance against institution, coercion, the status quo – ambling along like a nomad, occupying odd non-spaces; un-defined in-significant vacant spaces, and moving on. The more momentum it garnered, the more Strippers defined for itself what it was, the proliferation of the fiercely alternative in the arts.

All said and done, Strippers is about Cake unabashedly throwing a party. A party to precipitate art making in the spirit of dare. We look forward to welcoming you at a location undisclosed until your arrival signals a revelation.

Running with Strippers : On the Rocks

Cherry Chan -//- The Chamber
Ikbal Lubys -//- Undertable Payment
Brian Gothong Tan -//- Qfwfq – 5 Lives
Zai Tang -//- Escape Velocity II
Undisclosed line up of micro performances



Cake is a contemporary performance company based in Singapore.

Cake’s works are staged in conventional theatres as well as outdoor public spaces. From intimate theatre experiments to lush outdoor spectacles, Cake is committed to exploring the possibilities of performance, offering pieces that are varied, multidisciplinary and artistically adventurous.

The mission is to create highly theatrical original works that speak powerfully, connect viscerally and address with bold honesty modern day concerns and complexities.