Ikbal Lubys

A collaboration between experimental guitarists across the world. Through preparations, extended techniques, electronics and a free-spirited approach to guitar playing; the vision is to push existing boundaries of how one traditionally experiences the guitar.

Presenting artists from around the world, who in their own unique and personal way, “hack” the guitar with the aim of creating genre-defying music and sonics as yet unheard of, while traversing effortlessly between composed and improvised pieces, clean and distorted tones, and minimalistic and majestic concepts.

Avantguitar, a portmanteau of “avant-garde” and “guitar”, together it takes the guitar to a new sonic cosmos.


Avantguitar was founded 2016 by: 

Ikbal S Lubys
Emil Palme
Dharma Shan
Wukir Suryadi
Rully Shabara Herman
Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen
Asger Thomsen
Andi Meinl VII