Ikbal Lubys

Show must go on

Yogya Biennale Equator XIV 2017

What if visual artists gather and form a rock band? Sangkakala, a rock music group with their identity can be recognized through a live music performance with certain typical characteristics. For Biennale Jogja XIV, they present a music performance of Sangkakala, without involving any of the personnel. Established in the end of 2005, Sangkakala is a visual artwork presented through the medium of music. Their songs abound in the elements of fashion and life style. At that very point, watching and being watched are inclusive and equal activities, and a performance becomes similar to a collaborative work. As a band, SANGKAKALA not just  presents a work in a band format that is generally presented on stage, several time they did an exibition, workshop and movie screening, and this time they make a music installation by converting 250 microphones as speakers. The speakers present the sounds of the choir that is composed by SANGKAKALA as well. Into a choir installation using all the microphone as a medium. This time SANGKAKALA has got an honor to join the Jogja Biennalle equator 2017, with   “Show must go on”.