Ikbal Lubys



Comprising of improvisors from South East Asia, Tenggara Trio is Yong Yandsen (Kuala Lumpur) on saxophone, Ikbal Lubys  (Jogjakarta) on guitar and Dharma (S’pore) on guitars. Being active in the experimental and improve scene in their respective cities, Tenggara Trio first came together at KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Music and Film Festival) in 2016, when the 3 members were paired randomly and realised the cosmic energy from their emanating sounds.

Tenggara Trio has been toured on “Geography of nowhere tour” Singapore and Malaysia, KLEX festival 2017, Transcesion, and ESPLANADE Singapore.


Ikbal S. Lubys
Based in Jogjakarta, the centre of the arts in Java, Ikbal is also a guitar builder and develops the instrument in unique ways in terms of form and function. Ikbal is a classically trained guitarist and has collaborated with various artists in Asia and Europe involved in performance art, dance, installations and also soundtracking for films. He released a solo album “ECONOCLASTICELECTRIC” and also a collaboration with Emil Palme from Denmark called “IKBAL – EMIL” in 2016. In 2017 he was part of the album POTRO JOYO with Wukir Suryadi and Hamur Nawak.

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Yong Yandsen
Yong Yandsen is an improvised saxophonist based in Kuala Lumpur. He has played at the Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival, Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), Mosaic Festival Singapore, Choppa Eclectic Improvised Music Festival (Singapore), Turn Around Free Jazz & Improvisation Festival (Singapore), Music Matters Festival (Sri Lanka) amongst others. Yandsen, together with Darren Moore and Brian O’Reily, form an improvised trio called Game of Patience. They have toured to Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. They released debut CD album “Trial and Error” and a vinyl album “The Bad Sleeps Well”

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Dharma San
Dharma was the guitarist of The Observatory for the first 7 albums. His initial experimentations with the electric guitar were with effects and later on incorporating objects together with various extended techniques. In 2013, he released his solo debut, Intergranular Space, which opened up new vistas for his guitar work. Since going solo in 2015 he has been involved in various experimental and improvised music performances most notably at the Asian Meeting Festival 2016 which featured notable Asian improvisers like Otomo Yoshihide and Jojo Hiroshige.

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