Ikbal Lubys

Undertable Payment

This work is a description of the  many case that exist in developing countries, that is the problem of corruption, bribery and gratuities, some of these activities not only occur in developing countries, but also in developed countries as well, in some developing countries these activities already exist since the royal period, In Indonesian language,  very much vocabulary in addition to bribes, but that seems the mosthas cultural roots is a tribute term, one of them is ‘upeti’ derived from the word ‘utpatti’ in the Sanskrit, more or less means proof of allegiance. Historically, tributeis a form of offering from the duke or the little kings to the king conqueror,resumed  in the colonial era, and inherited from the colonial era until now, as already very sticky and entrenched, if we see in the media that the spotlight is always the politicians, state officials or entrepreneurs, in fact the activity occurs in all layers society both from the hi-society to the low society, all of which are different but essentially the same.

Basically this work is in the area of sound art and noise, but will be presented in a way quite different from the presentation of noise music in general. This is a description of how corruption practices occur. Based on the idea  about the activities mentioned above, this work will be presenting in the form of performance art as well as outdoor or indoor, which there is a desk and chair in an office and self-made instruments installed under the table. Some used items such as springs, steel wire, copper plate and others will be used as a sound source. Also provided some equipment such as violin bow, knives and saws as a tool to producing sound.

This work can be an interactive presentation and workshop to exploring audience experiences or ideas about corruption activies. Later audience can involved into the presentation/performance, the audience will be invited to sit together with the artist and will give a little interview, the quisioner for the audience involved in a little bit of discussion, while at the same time there are undisclosed activities under the table, the hands of both parties, the artist and the audience looks will randomly touch the device already installed under the table.

This work has presented for the first time at the International festival of “Running with Strippers” Singapore, July 2018 as invited work.