Ikbal Lubys

aii & ikbal


Ikbal Lubys and Aii Wijaya began collaborating in 2007 as duo group, together they created Ethnictronoise, cross-disciplinary experimental sound and visual project which is later developed become one of the Yogyakarta based creative space founded in 2008 with focuses on sound and performance. While developing their space, they also works for their own projects and each has an own works around the globe until now. 

Most of the projects are about social issues, urbanism, history, and politic which presented through music media, sound art, and three-dimensional installation works. They are often collaborate with interdisciplinary artists in Asia, Europe & the United States including performance, music, film and visual arts. A lot of learning from the previous projects about the difference of life, the way of thinking, and cultures. The main interests is a changes in people’s way of life, how the modernism and capitalism changes the traditions and cultures. Trying to approach and interact with the public about developing city sounds issues.