Ikbal Lubys


In 1967 American photographer Bernie Boston for the now-defunct Washington Star newspaper. It was nominated for the 1967 Pulitzer Prize. Taken on October 21, 1967, during the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam’s March on the Pentagon, the iconic photo shows a Vietnam War protestor placing a carnation into the barrel of a rifle held by a soldier of the 503rd Military Police Battalion,something contradictory was also used in the logo of a band from Los Angeles, Guns n Roses in 1985, guns and flowers also inspiring lot of artist to make art work, its means flowers have the strength as a symbol of resistance to violence. In my opinion, something contrary or contradictory sometimes becomes something very effective to fortify or fight, if anyone makes a weapon, it doesn’t have to be opposed by making weapons too, flowers are something very soft and beautiful, but can become an very strong armor to reduce violence and hostility.