Ikbal Lubys



Play with electro harmonix 16 second digiital delay

FrankenV metal sound, plug in to danelectro 30 watt amplifier

This guitar was made by accident, when  joined the program the instrument builder project, there is a former wood cantilever railway line is very old, the texture of the wood is looks like a fossil then I decided to take it uninitiated would be made what, after I bring back to the studio, created a new thought for guitar.

The guitar is still working properly, and has been used in a variety of musical events like a bands, experimental music and some noise events.

Wood measuring 40 X 20cm split into 3 parts and glued together with a zig zag, and eventually formed a guitar flying v models, after installed a guitar neck Stratocaster the headstock round and didn’t fit with its body finally cut to the appropriate shape because the wood has a bad resonance, not like wood that usually made for the electric guitar like mahogany or alder and ash. So  the solution is installed active pickups, to boost the output sound.