Ikbal Lubys


Guitalira prototype


Inspired when I saw two old guitar were broken, the guitar has become a junkyard and retired as a guitar, whether both these guitars will be able to function as a guitar again was challenging me to develop form and function. Uniting the two guitar into one, and plug a sickle. There’s no other significant function, first as a second guitar neck brace which already fragile, both as a crutch stringed harp.

First functions of course as a guitar, then a harp, as the zither, as a stringed instrument, the cello and fiddle, and percussion instrument. Because this guitar isn’t made from good materials so I add the piezo and active preamp as the application by installing the piezo in the bridge. This guitar has been used to make one illustration of film music, in one of the selected films in the event asian movie festival, and has been used in an improvised workshop shared Kazuiza Uchihasi, and in various events held by the experimental music community.