Fast in slow motion ( work in progress )


Fast, in slow motion This work was created based on a study of family history and the development of my mindset lately, with the topic of changing people’s consumption patterns due to industrial propaganda.


I have a family that has a small business making coconut oil, in the era of my grandfather, almost all levels of society consumed coconut oil for daily needs, basically the people’s diet at that time was more diverse, food sources and processing methods, so the need for coconut oil was not so large, but in the next generation there is a very rapid change in people’s consumption patterns, especially diet, the next generation becomes very uniform, from food ingredients and processing methods, this causes the demand for certain foodstuffs to be very high and cannot be accommodated by small industry based on family industry, this is where a series of changes appear, and I will focus on palm oil.

In my grandfather’s generation, coconut oil became daily consumption for frying food, almost all levels of society used it, but from this change the production of coconut oil could not be sufficient, finally the palm oil industry emerged very quickly, it can be said very quickly, since the first time 4 oil palm seeds were brought to Indonesia by Dr. Dt. Pryce , 2 seeds from Bourbon Mauritius and 2 seeds from Amsterdam , now a 2,049,790 hectares, oil is a slow fluid but has a very rapid impact on environmental change.

and what influenced me to create a work with the theme of oil palm, I saw for myself how thousands of hectares of tropical forest were turned into oil palm land, and of course all fauna was also affected by the clearing of land, this became a very complicated problem because it was also related to supply. the needs of many people, my big question is, is the change in consumption patterns deliberately made to increase the demand for palm oil consumption, to be honest this condition is very disturbing to my mind besides having something to do with family history, in musical activities I also meet several people who voiced something about social and political criticism in their music but some of them were not aware that they had an oil palm plantation business, and another case example, I tried to research almost all traditional markets in my area, almost all of the sellers did not know that there was oil other y consumed other than palm oil, they only know palm oil and can only trade palm oil.

This problem will become a topic in the creation of multidisciplinary works, in which there is sound art, visual art and performance art with the theme of fast fast in slow motion.

form of the work

  1. performance art

presentation of performance art by peeling the seeds of hundreds of oil palms and processing them into oil

  1. sound art

dive in an aquarium tube containing palm oil and make sound compositions using diving equipment.

  1. visual arts

exhibiting all research processes, and artifacts of the work-making process, from idea to artistic final results

Also it will be participatory work