Ikbal Lubys


Masculinity is a symbol of strength and power but not for all things, there is one thing that will be troublesome if you still rely on masculinity and muscle.

Reflect about two things that exist in Indonesia, masculinity or Men power and muscle power, also talk about equality isues. In Indonesia since hundred years ago at the royal period men power was really strong, everything is all about men, women was born just as men assistant, not allowed to do something important, wasn’t have education, its exist until 2nd world war era, in early 1900. There is a woman who is fighting for equality between men and women , she was fight for women to get education equal with men as well. In fact the men power are still exist until this time, because already inheritage by the royal and the colonial era. Second things, this work talk about mostly people habit, they rely muscle for everything, they dont think to much about education and intelegency, because of that lot of people live in a state of deprivation.

This kind of sound performance work and interactive work, will use several equipment to presenting, this work reflect on masculinity which is illustrated by the figure of a boxer, its all about masculinity and men power. Not really need ssome specific space, it can be on public area , because interactive with the audience as well, will be provided pair of boxing glove and several instrument like piano or guitars, audiece will wearing boxing gloves that have been provided and start to play one of the instrument with pair of boxing gloves on hand, because basically this is a sound performance , sound also will be have special attention, all the instrument will be set up or instaled with some divice that will make the sound more interesting, the audience will play the instrument with the boxing gloves and it will be trouble some and make a interesting sound, thats the point.masculinity is a symbol of strength and power but not for all things.