Ikbal Lubys


Marking the juxtaposition of visual arts and rock music might be the definition of Sangkakala today. Formed at the end of 2005, three of the four members of Sangkakala were educated at ISI Yogyakarta Fine Arts, and the remaining one was from Music Arts. For Sangkakala, musical performances are not just a matter of sound, but also appearance, and media propaganda, Sangkakala is a cross-disciplinary work delivered through the medium of music. Their songs are attached to the elements of fashion and lifestyle. Not infrequently, they ask their audience to dress up in their style. At that point, watching and watching is an inclusive and equal activity, and staging is like a collaborative work. Offstage, Rudy “Atjeh” Darmawan, Hendra “Blankon” Priyadhani (Baron Capulet Araruna), Riono “Tatang” Tanggul (Tatsoi), and Ikbal Simamora Lubys are personal with their own workmanship.