Ikbal Lubys


Based on the long history of spices in Indonesia and the spread through trade, there are many interesting things in terms of economics, politics, culture, and literacy which discuss the spread of spices. Maluku, which comes from the name Surat Al-Mulk, which means the land of kings, is truly rich in spices, especially nutmeg, which is one type of spice that is highly sought after by traders from all over the world. A long history of spices will be converted into a sound performance work which includes elements of instrument building, performance art, and sound performance & sound installation.

The most basic concept is the element of the instrument builder, a flying V-shaped guitar that is very popular among hard music, will be made with basic ingredients of dried spices from various regions in Indonesia, including Nutmeg Seeds, Cumin, Lawang Flowers, Cloves, Cardamom, cinnamon, ebony, and others. The spice has a very strong aroma and is usually used for basic ingredients of medicine, food, and cosmetics. This work will presented on the basic history of the spice trade, following the countries in which the spice route was passed.

Photos by Abi Setiaji