Ikbal Lubys


Inspired by David Tudor

Living in a tropical country will have the privilege of experiencing the rainforest, feeling the humid atmosphere, the special aroma and the sounds of various kinds of insects whose numbers are hundreds of species, such as forming an orchestration of frequencies, from that experience I have a proposal to transform a forest rain into a room, this is also inspired by David Tudor’s work, Rain Forest IV, but this time I will bring the real atmosphere into the exhibition room, as well as create artificial rain in the exhibition, so there will be an experience of the five senses, to be displayed in a real way. virtual can only feel the sound and visual experience, technically this work will move some elements of the rainforest, some plants, and moss, for the sound I will make the plants as a trigger, the movement of plants in the rain will be a sound trigger, some leaves will connected to an electronic device I designed this device to produce electronic sound or manipulate electronic sounds that approach the sound of the rainforest atmosphere.

Beside the visual and sound , smells is very something special inside of the rain forest, i also have an idea to catch the smells of rain forest , now still in my research how to keep the smells, if i can record the image into the video and picture, record the sound to the file, it will be great if i also can keep the smells of the rain forest and bring it to another place.

This work contains multi purposes, between visual arts, sound arts and science, and has many gaps to be developed, because there is a lot of material that can be explored beyond the aesthetic of art.